Yahk-Kingsgate area is a friendly, historic community with ties to the CP Railroad. Yahk is a former lumber town which occupies a picturesque spot along the meandering Moyie River, close to the US border. Travel a few kilometers south of Yahk and you will find yourself at Kingsgate, the port of entry into the United States. Because this community is located so close to the US border, it makes this location an ideal spot for any home-based business looking to import-export.

Yahk-Kingsgate is a quiet area with less than 150 residents. Although some would say that it’s a remote area, others

would say it’s a dream location. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, hunting or fishing, this area will not disappoint.

There is a Provincial Park to enjoy summer camping and plenty of RV parks for the tourist season. There are a few shops and stores that line the highway as you travel through the heart of Yahk for your convenience.  Come see for yourself and enjoy the quiet escape!